Water Efficient Tips

Please Follow Water Use Best Practices All Year Round

CVWD is always in Stage 1, encouraging wise water use. Continue using water wisely by following the recommendations below:
  • No hosing of paved surfaces such as driveways, streets and sidewalks
  • Use a shut-off nozzle on all hoses
  • If decorative fountains are in use, they must have a recirculating water system
  • Fix leaks and broken sprinklers immediately
  • Ensure there is no sprinkler overspray or runoff
  • No watering within 48 hours after it rains

Saving water can be simple with the most significant water saving opportunities on your landscaping. Customers should focus their attention on continuing to use Best Management Practices and by changing outdoor watering habits, including reducing outdoor watering by a few minutes, and fixing leaks or misaligned sprinklers immediately. CVWD has a number of other landscape resources on our Water Efficient Landscaping page.

More Water Efficient Tips

  • Water lawn and plants in the early morning hours to avoid water loss to evaporation and afternoon winds.
  • Turn off sprinklers on windy and rainy days.
  • Reduce your weekly watering schedule by one or two days (your landscape's needs may vary).
  • Give your automatic water system a "tune up" by fixing broken or misaligned sprinklers and ensuring your zones are timed correctly for the type of landscaping in your yard.
  • Replace high water using grass and plants with low-water using California friendly plants.
  • Run full loads in the dishwasher and clothes washer.
  • Do not hand wash vehicles; instead take your car to a commercial car wash that reuses the water onsite.

Water Use Efficiency Ordinance 47 Best Management Practices

CVWD has the following Water Use Efficiency Best Management Practices in place all year long:

  • Restaurants will only serve water to customers upon request.
  • Hotels are requested to give the guests the option of not having their linens laundered daily.