Water Use Efficiency

Your Guide to Saving Water Outdoors

With over 60% of household water consumption occurring outdoors, promoting and educating customers on water efficient landscaping is a CVWD priority. Since 2004, landscape conservation programs have been available to CVWD customers. CVWD has free resources and literature available to educate customers on low-water use plants, efficient irrigation, and more.

There are many ways to save water in your landscape, some as simple as adjusting your sprinklers to run early in the morning to avoid water lost to evaporation and afternoon winds. Other improvements, like retrofitting your landscape, may take more effort, but can save thousands of gallons of water a year. Water-efficient landscapes include elements such as efficient irrigation systems, artificial turf, low-water using and California native plants, and permeable hardscapes. CVWD hopes you find our Water Efficient Landscape Resource page a valuable tool that helps you improve your landscape's water efficiency.

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