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Parkway Turf Replacement Rebate Program

  1. Are you the owner of the home?*

  2. Do you reside in the home? *

  3. Do you currently have live turf in the parkway?*

  4. Have you read the city codes?*

    BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE LINK TO YOUR CITY'S REQUIREMENTS ON THE PREVIOUS PAGE TO ENSURE YOU ABIDE BY ALL CITY CODES. If you do not follow all program requirements, your rebate will not be approved.

  5. Do you have an existing watering system in place where the new landscape will be installed?*

  6. Is your parkway on a separate landscape irrigation valve (from the rest of your yard)?*

  7. Are you on a corner lot?*

  8. Have you ever participated in a grass removal rebate before?*

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