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Posted on: May 5, 2017

Getting to Know and Love Tap Water

Drinking Water Week

 The Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD/ District) promoted the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) Drinking Water Week, with the theme of “Your Water- To Know It Is To Love It” May 7-13, 2017.

CVWD celebrated Drinking Water Week by highlighting the vital role water plays in our daily lives, with an emphasis on the ways the District cares for the community’s tap water and water infrastructure. The District believes that the quality of the water we serve our customers is every bit as important as the reliability of our water supply.

Every year, CVWD produces a Water Quality Report which is available to customers on our website- by July 1, 2017. This report details CVWD’s compliance with all water quality state and federal standards. CVWD is pleased to report zero water quality violations year over year. CVWD tests your drinking water around the clock at our treatment plants, ensuring it continues to meet strict water quality requirements and is available when you need it.

“CVWD takes great pride in providing reliable tap water to our customers every day,” said CVWD Board President James V. Curatalo Jr. “Whether you are making dinner or giving your child a bath, you can feel confident knowing the water will be there and that it is safe to drink. This is one way that CVWD is committed to providing you with Service Beyond Expectation.”

CVWD offers a number of resources and rebates for customers to take action. During Drinking Water Week, CVWD highlighted District information, resources, and tips on its social media channels:,, For more information about CVWD and to view a full list of programs, visit or call (909) 987-2591.

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