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Posted on: February 9, 2017

Water Use Efficiency Should Be a Way of Life

In response to the State Water Resources Control Board's vote on February 8, 2017, to extend the state's emergency conservation regulation, CVWD encourages customers to make water use efficiency a way of life. 

CVWD remains in Stage 1: Encouraging Water Use Efficiency; drought rates are not in effect and there are no restrictions on outdoor watering days. However, we encourage all customers to continue using water efficiently, fixing leaks immediately, and taking advantage of valuable conservation rebates and programs.

Well-planned water supply investments for drought resiliency allowed the District to self-certify its water supply at a level that does not require stringent water reductions by its customers. In 2016, CVWD complied with the state mandated emergency conservation regulation and saw a 27% reduction in water use since 2015 due to diligent customer efforts to conserve. Thanks to all customers for continuing to be good stewards of our water resources. 

Visit our Conservation page for water saving tips and rebate information.

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