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Posted on: October 10, 2016

CVWD Customers Continue to Save Water

Cucamonga Valley Water District customers continue using water efficiently, without drought restrictions in place, indicating the success of the State’s “self-certification” process. CVWD customers continued to save nearly 17% in August and 21% in September, bringing its cumulative water savings to 24% since June 2015 when the Governor made the call for conservation. This is in addition to the 20% water use reduction CVWD customers had already achieved since 2009.

CVWD continues to see high rates of participation in educational programs, tours, community events, and rebate programs by both residential and business customers. The District also continues to offer rebates and educational programs, as well as Home Water Audits, Landscape Consultations, and device retrofit programs. All of these programs are aimed to help homeowners and businesses better understand their water use patterns and assist them in taking ownership of managing their water use.

For more information about CVWD’s response to the drought, current water use best practices, and programs available for customers, please visit our Drought Response page or us on Facebook at

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