National Preparedness Month

Are you and your family prepared in case of an emergency? 

Find out how you can get involved and be prepared by clicking here.


Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) encourages all customers to be prepared for whatever emergencies you may encounter. CVWD promotes National Preparedness Month in September, by providing information that can be accessed at 

America's PrepareAthon

There are 10 ways to participate in America's PrepareAthon:

    • Plan with Neighbors
    • Conduct an Exercise
    • Make Property Safer
    • Document and Insure Property
    • Safeguard Documents
    • Access Alerts and Warnings
    • Test Communications Plans
    • Assemble or Update Supplies
    • Drill or Practice Emergency Response
    • Participate in a Class, Training, or Discussion
    • More details can be found here

Be Informed


The first step in being prepared is to know what you are preparing for. What types of hazards are likely to occur in your community? For CVWD, the risks we face include fire, earthquake, flooding, traffic incidents, and an emergency at the treatment plant that could make the water supply unavailable.

  • Sign up to receive emergency alerts from your city or utility companies. CVWD offers customers the opportunity to sign up for Rapid Notify to participate in this service. It is voluntary and free to enroll (standard text message rates may apply).
  • Information is available from federal, state, county, tribal, and local resources to help you be prepared. Visit to prepare ahead of time, prior to the emergency striking.