Parkway Turf Replacement Rebate Program - CLOSED

A big thanks to those who participated in CVWD's Parkway Program from 2015 - 2018. This program is now closed and no longer accepting submissions.

For more rebates on landscape transformation, please visit

Have you been pre-approved by CVWD to participate in this program?
Is your parkway project completed and ready for a site visit?

If so, please submit the Post-Project Approval Form (for completed projects ONLY).

Program Requirements

  • Must be a CVWD single-family, residential customer in good standing
  • Must be pre-approved before starting your project (removing any turf)
  • Must remove turf from all parkways on the property to receive rebate
  • All materials installed in place of turf must be permeable (allows water to be absorbed)
  • Parkways must be on drip irrigation and on a separate watering station
  • Must keep all trees in place and water sufficiently
  • Must be property owner
  • Must abide by all city codes
  • Must keep parkway's new landscape in place for a minimum of 5 years (no turf may be replanted)
  • Projects starting after August 1, 2015 are eligible (pre-project photos are required)
  • Residents participating in the MWD/SoCal WaterSmart Turf Rebate Program are eligible 

What Can I Replace My Turf With?

City Requirements

Customers must install low water using materials in place of the turf removed, and must abide by all city codes. Please click on the city you live in to determine what materials are acceptable:

Check out these model examples!