Water Education Materials

Teachers' Guides, Books,Videos, Posters, Maps & Classroom Supplies
The following materials are provided to teachers in CVWD's service area only. Only requests from teachers in zip codes 91701, 91729, 91730, 91737, 91739, and some portions of 92336 will be accepted. School districts in our service area include: the Alta Loma, Etiwanda, Cucamonga, and Central school districts. High schools include Alta Loma, Etiwanda, Los Osos and Rancho Cucamonga.

Classroom Supplies
Classroom supplies are limited to 35 per teacher. Order online today or contact the Communications & Outreach division at 909-987-2591.
  • 12-inch rulers
  • Pencils and pens
  • Water awareness folders and stickers
  • California water map (one per classroom)
  • Water cycle poster (one per classroom)

Teaching Aid (Available on Loan Only)
The Hamburger Model for kindergarten through fourth grade: Do your students ever wonder how much water goes into the production of our food supply? This over-grown pillow shaped hamburger is made of soft material and shows students exactly how much water is used for each part of a hamburger. The hamburger may be borrowed for a five day period.

Videos (Available on Loan Only)
  • 3-2-1 Contact: Down the Drain
  • Cadillac Desert
  • California's Water - California's Water Crisis
  • California's Water - Cleaning Water the Natural Way
  • California's Water - Climate Change
  • California's Water - Desalting Water
  • California's Water - Living with Nature
  • California's Water - Regional Solutions for Local Needs
  • California's Water - Storing Water
  • California's Water - The Drink of Choice
  • California's Water - Water Recycling Imitates Nature
  • California Water and You
  • Curiosity Quest Goes Green - Recycling
  • Curiosity Quest Goes Green - Water Education
  • Down the Drain
  • Drinking Water - Quenching the Public Thirst
  • New Water Series with Jess Marlow Channel 2
  • Professor Water Fantastic Facts About H2O
  • Pure Water
  • The California Water Story
  • The Water Cycle KCET Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • To Quench Thirst California Water Crisis
  • Water Hog Haven
  • Water on the Edge
Audio Tapes (Available on Loan Only)
  • Water Song - By Lenny Graf

Recommended Literature
  • "Snail Girl Brings Water- A Navajo Story" retold by Geri Keams, a story about the mystery of how water came to the earth.
  • "The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks" by Joanna Cole. New York: Scholastic Inc. Earth Works Group. Kid Heros of the Environment. Berkeley: Earth Works Press.