Landscape Workshops

Low-water use landscape

Landscape Workshops are offered to connect customers with the resources they need to conserve water - especially outside the home, where two-thirds of water in Southern California is used.

At a Workshop, you can:

  • Find rebates and incentives
  • Learn about CVWD's e-billing and EZ Pay programs
  • Be inspired to improve your landscape's watering system 
Upcoming Landscape Workshops

Plants & Turf Removal Workshop: Thursday, Oct 10, 2019; 5:30 - 7:30 pm     

Oct 10 Workshop_ Plants and Turf Removal

Customer Service week is October 7-11! Celebrate with us by registering for this FREE landscape workshop and be #RebateReady by learning about water savvy plants and turf removal do's/don'ts. PLUS, you'll receive free succulent clippings!

 Register online by clicking here or  call 909-483-7486.

Additional Resources 

For other workshops and events throughout the Inland Empire, visit the Chino Basin Water Conservation District website or the Inland Empire Garden Friendly Program website.