Tenant Improvements- Construction, Equipment, Plumbing Changes

Any physical changes to your establishment is a tenant improvement (especially cooking equipment changes and equipment changes and plumbing changes), and will require you to submit construction plans to Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) CVWD for review and approval. Sometimes an oil and grease interceptor may be required or will need repair or modification. Ask CVWD about any requirements and plan ahead.

Contact CVWD and verify if an oil and grease interceptor already serves the location and if one will be required. We strongly recommend that you contact CVWD before you make any commitment to the leasing agent.

Submitting construction plans to CVWD is easy. Check our Guidelines for Submitting Tenant Improvement Plans and we strongly encourage you to contact CVWD if you have any questions.

Certain types of water softeners are prohibited. If you are planning to buy or install a water softener, please contact CVWD to confirm that it is the allowable type that is safe for the environment.